elation health pricing

elation health pricing

Elation Health Pricing


Elation‌ Health⁣ is ‍a leading company in the healthcare industry that provides innovative technology ‍solutions for healthcare professionals. If you’re considering using Elation Health for your healthcare practice, ‍understanding their pricing options is crucial. This article will dive into‌ the pricing structure of Elation Health, helping you⁢ make an informed decision about their ⁤services.

Pricing Plans

Elation⁣ Health‌ offers flexible pricing plans to accommodate healthcare practices of all sizes. Whether you‍ have a small independent practice or a large​ healthcare group, you can find​ a ⁢plan that suits your ‍specific ⁣needs. Here are some of⁣ their main pricing ​options:

  • Starter Plan: This plan is ideal for small or individual practices looking to streamline‍ their operations. It offers ‍basic ‍features such as patient management, scheduling, and​ electronic health records (EHR). The Starter Plan is priced at $99 per month.
  • Standard Plan: The Standard⁤ Plan includes advanced features in addition to those offered in the Starter​ Plan. It⁤ provides specialized tools for population health management and patient engagement.⁣ This plan is priced at $199 ⁤per‌ month.
  • Premium Plan: Suitable for larger medical groups and‌ practices,⁢ the Premium Plan offers comprehensive features⁤ to enhance efficiency and productivity. It includes custom analytics, reporting, ​and care ​coordination⁢ tools.⁢ Pricing‍ for the Premium Plan is available upon request.

Additional Services

⁣ In addition to their pricing plans, Elation Health also offers various additional services that can be tailored to your​ specific ​requirements. Some of these services include:

  • Data ​Migration: Elation Health can assist you in efficiently ‌and securely​ migrating your existing‍ patient ‍data to their platform.
  • Onboarding⁢ Assistance: Their professional team helps you get up and ​running smoothly, ‌ensuring a seamless transition ⁢to Elation Health’s system.
  • Training and Support: Elation​ Health provides comprehensive training resources and⁢ ongoing support to help your staff maximize the benefits of their⁣ software.


‍ Elation Health offers a range of ​pricing plans suitable‍ for ‍healthcare practices of all sizes. ⁢Their⁤ comprehensive software solutions‍ are designed to ⁢streamline​ operations, improve patient​ care,⁣ and enhance ‌efficiency. Whether you’re a small independent practice or a larger medical group, Elation Health has the right plan to meet your needs. Explore their⁤ website to learn more and get started with their‌ services.

Disclaimer: Prices and features mentioned in this article are subject ⁢to change. ‌For the‌ most accurate and up-to-date‌ pricing⁢ information, please visit the Elation Health website.

Elation Health recently unveiled their competitive pricing solutions for healthcare providers wanting to digitize their practices. Their pricing model is designed to help providers continue to move quickly through the transition to digital health, while maintaining a budget-friendly focus.

Elation’s approach to pricing is simple and straightforward. Its pricing is based on the number of providers in a practice, with the per-provider pricing being the lowest, but fees do increase as the number of providers rises to include additional features. Elation Health’s advantage lies in its easy-to-understand billing model with no hidden fees or other surprises. Per-provider per-month plans range from $50/month that covers medical charting, patient education, and basic health maintenance tools to $149/month that provides unlimited data storage, patient engagement via telemedicine as well as automated IT support.

Elation Health also offers special discounts for groups and organizations on their standard plan, with a 3-month free offer for new customers. All plans also include insurance coding and billing integration, and access to customer service teams available all day, everyday. Elation Health also offers enterprise-level plans that are tailored to larger organizations with advanced feature needs.

Ultimately, Elation Health offers reliable and affordable pricing plans and solutions that support healthcare providers’ transition to digital health. With their comprehensive range of features and plans, Elation Health ensures that providers can digitize their practices without worrying about breaking the bank. It is truly a “one-stop shop” for all of a practice’s digital health needs.