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Academy Sports and Outdoors is a leading ⁤sports and‌ outdoor retailer, dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products for all their sporting and outdoor needs. With over 260 stores‍ spread across the United States, we offer a wide selection of top brands and ⁢exclusive products at competitive prices.

Our mission is ‌to​ make sports and outdoor activities ⁣accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a professional athlete​ or​ a casual‍ enthusiast, we have the gear ‌you need⁣ to ⁣excel in your chosen sport or enjoy ‍the great ​outdoors to the fullest.

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At Academy Sports ‌and⁢ Outdoors,​ we⁢ offer an extensive range of sporting goods and outdoor equipment. Our diverse product categories include:


Whether you’re into American football or soccer, we have everything you need to play your best on the field. From helmets and pads to jerseys and cleats, ‍you’ll find the latest gear from top brands like‍ Nike, Adidas,​ and Under Armour.


Shoot some hoops with confidence using our selection of basketballs, hoops, and other accessories. We also offer ​a range of basketball⁤ shoes to give you the⁤ traction and support you need​ to dominate the court.

Hiking and Camping

Discover the wonders of the great outdoors with our camping and hiking gear. From tents and sleeping ⁤bags⁣ to backpacks ​and camp stoves, we have everything you need for your‌ next adventure, be it a leisurely hike or an overnight‌ camping trip.


Reel in the⁤ big catch with our high-quality fishing equipment. We have⁣ fishing‍ rods, reels,‌ tackle boxes, and accessories for ‍all types of fishing. Whether you prefer freshwater or saltwater fishing, ⁢we’ve got you ‌covered.


Stay fit and active with our exercise equipment and fitness apparel. From treadmills and ellipticals to yoga mats and resistance​ bands, we have the tools you need to stay ⁢in shape and live a healthy lifestyle.

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We have over 260 stores across the United States, making it​ easy for you to find and visit a​ location near ‌you. Use‌ our store locator to find the nearest Academy Sports and Outdoors store,​ where our knowledgeable staff will be ready to assist⁢ you with your sporting and outdoor‌ needs.

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If you ‌have any questions, concerns, or ⁤feedback, we would love to hear from you. Get ⁤in ⁢touch with ⁤our customer support team through one of the following methods:

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Academy Sports + Outdoors is a premier destination offering an expansive array of quality, brand-name sporting goods and outdoor equipment to customers across the United States. With a mission to ignite a community of outdoor enthusiasts, Academy offers the best selection of sports and outdoor gear at unbeatable prices.

Since its founding in 1938, Academy has operated with an unwavering commitment to providing its customers with quality products and service. The Academy team works hard to be a leader in the retail industry, always setting the bar higher for itself and its peers. From everyday casual styles to name-brand gear, Academy Sports + Outdoors serves up a variety of products every day.

Academy also offers the convenience of online shopping, allowing customers to shop anytime, anywhere — from the comfort of home. As part of the Academy customer experience, shoppers have the option to pick up their order in store or have it shipped to their preferred address. With competitive prices, an extensive selection, and convenient online shopping, Academy Sports + Outdoors is a one-stop shop for all of your active lifestyle needs.

Beyond the products it offers, Academy provides a distinct shopping experience, unparalleled in the industry. With the “Power to Choose,” shoppers are able to choose from a selection of the most popular brands, ensuring they get the best price for quality products. Additionally, team members are available at stores to provide support and guidance on product selection for any sport or outdoor activity.

Academy Sports + Outdoors is an institution dedicated to serving the outdoor enthusiast. Its commitment to quality, style, and value make it an ideal destination for anyone looking to equip themselves for the great outdoors. With a wide selection of products and convenient online shopping, Academy is sure to offer a shopping experience like no other.