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About Cigna Expat Health Insurance

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Cigna ​Expat Health Insurance provides comprehensive health ​coverage‍ for individuals and families⁢ living abroad. With a network of ⁤healthcare professionals in various countries, Cigna ensures that expats have access to quality medical services wherever they are.

Benefits of Cigna Expat‌ Health Insurance

  • International ‌Coverage: ​Cigna ‍offers global health coverage, allowing expats to receive medical treatment outside their home country.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Cigna provides round-the-clock customer assistance,⁤ ensuring expats can access help and support whenever needed.
  • Emergency‍ Evacuation: In case of⁤ a medical emergency, Cigna⁣ facilitates ⁤emergency medical⁢ evacuation to the​ nearest ⁢appropriate medical facility.
  • Direct Payment: Cigna offers ⁢direct billing services, eliminating ⁢the need for upfront payments and⁤ simplifying the claims​ process.
  • Wellness Programs: With⁤ a focus on preventive‍ care, Cigna offers various wellness programs to help expats maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Coverage Options

Cigna ​Expat Health ‍Insurance offers different coverage options to suit the specific needs‌ of expats.

Plan Benefits
Silver Basic coverage for essential healthcare‌ needs
Gold Enhanced ‌coverage including preventive ‍and specialized healthcare services
Platinum Comprehensive coverage with additional benefits ⁤like‌ maternity coverage and dental care

How to Apply

  1. Visit ‍the official Cigna Expat Health Insurance ⁤website
  2. Fill out the online application form with your personal details.
  3. Select the desired coverage plan based on your needs and budget.
  4. Review⁣ and submit your application.
  5. Once approved, you will receive your insurance policy details.

Contact Cigna⁢ Expat Health Insurance

For​ more ⁢information or assistance,⁤ you can contact Cigna Expat Health Insurance through the⁢ following channels:

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Cigna Expat Health Insurance is a global health insurance policy designed to provide coverage to expatriates, employees of multinational corporations, and students studying or working abroad. Through Cigna’s Expat Health Insurance, policyholders are provided with access to over 1 million medical providers in 200 countries, with reimbursement for out-patient and in-patient care. Additionally, the policy covers things like emergency evacuation, emergency reunion, repatriation of remains, and travel assistance services.

The policy’s comprehensive coverage can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual policyholders. Comprehensive coverage includes dental and vision, optional maternity care, and mental health and wellness services. For those who need specialized care, Cigna provides a range of additional coverage including access to specialists, in-patient surgery, and drugs.

Cigna’s Expat Health Insurance also offers peace of mind with a 24/7 emergency helpline which provides access to physician-approved medical consultations in up to 175 languages. With Cigna’s online portal, policyholders can access their policy details, submit insurance claims, and get reimbursement in their local currency.

Cigna’s Expat Health Insurance is the ultimate health insurance solution for those living and working abroad. With access to world-class care and tailored coverage, Cigna’s Expat Health Insurance provides global medical protection and peace of mind.